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Welcome to Michigan State University

President SimonWelcome from President Simon

Dear MSU Students:

Welcome—or welcome back—to Michigan State University. The first few weeks of the semester—when new freshmen move into their residence halls, returning students reunite with friends and classmates, and classes begin—are an exciting time at MSU. The campus comes alive again after a busy summer spent preparing for the beginning of another academic year. I look forward to this time each year.

Advancing the common good is a vital part of Michigan State University’s mission and tradition as the world’s pioneer land-grant university.



Denise B. Maybank, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs and ServicesWelcome from the Vice President for Student Affairs and Services

Welcome to Michigan State University (MSU) and to an exciting next phase of your life. Whether you are new, returning or transferring from another institution the 2017-18 year offers newness and a world of opportunity.


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Students having fun at MSU