Students at MSU

Welcome from President Simon

Dear MSU Students:

Welcome—or welcome back—to Michigan State University. The first few weeks of the semester—when new freshmen move into their residence halls, returning students reunite with friends and classmates, and classes begin—are an exciting time at MSU. The campus comes alive again after a busy summer spent preparing for the beginning of another academic year. I look forward to this time each year.

Advancing the common good is a vital part of Michigan State University’s mission and tradition as the world’s pioneer land-grant university. As we expand our historic imperative to meet the demands of the 21st century, you’ll note that our presence is felt both at home and throughout the world. Michigan State University is making a difference—treating diseases such as malaria, helping to solve serious food-shortage issues, creating viable biofuel options, and making strides to relieve the nation’s shortage in health care providers. Today, our MSU community extends to points on all seven continents. And, wherever we go, our core values of quality, inclusiveness, and connectivity guide our priorities and engagements.

As our community extends further and our everyday lives encompass a larger world, communication is ever more important. As president of Michigan State University, I am committed to fostering open communication with you and with the entire MSU community. At Michigan State, we are committed to the value of inclusion and to building a welcoming community. We encourage a full spectrum of experiences, viewpoints, and intellectual approaches because it enriches the conversation and keeps us moving forward.

My online column, From the President’s Desk (, is one of the forums I use to let you know what we’re working on and thinking about. It is also a place to reflect on current events and talk about the exciting—and sometimes the difficult—things happening at MSU. There are also podcasts available on the site so you can literally hear from me rather than just read my words. I encourage you to visit the site frequently and to share your thoughts with me about your experiences at MSU and your ideas for this university and its future by e-mailing me at or clicking on the link on the Web site.

To the new students, faculty, and staff—enjoy your first few weeks on campus and welcome to Team MSU. And to everyone—let’s make 2017-18 a year of personal and intellectual growth, as well as a year filled with fond memories of our time on this beautiful campus.

I’m proud to be a Spartan, and I’m very happy that you chose Michigan State.

Lou Anna K. Simon, PhD

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Students having fun at MSU